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    Hello, this is an official response on my behalf, but this will not be happening. Zira is not cheap to run, especially at our scale with ~700,000 servers and ~40,000,00 users, therefore we have a premium aspect of the bot in place for those who want to support our development. On top of that, premium is only $2 a month, or if you don't want to pay a monthly fee, you can pay upfront $24 for a whole year of premium. Secondly, a majority of our most important functions are not locked behind the premium aspect of the bot, such as basic reaction roles, or setting up a custom message / embed to display in your server, or other things such as role gating with our once reaction type. Private rooms are largely used as is, and colors wouldn't make since to lock behind premium. If you want more toggle reaction roles beyond our 6 limit per server, you can vote for the bot and claim the vote for the server to get an extra toggle reaction type. If you want more remove reaction roles, your welcome to suggest a way to get more remove reaction roles.
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    Hello, Today we bring to you some of the minor bug fixes and QOL (Quality of Life) changes we have made to TopCord recently! If you have any questions, please join the Team Hydra Server and user the topcord-support channel. Here are the current changes: Fixed bot cards going too big Fixed report to log into the right logging channel Fixed deny bot logging to the right logging channel Changed voting to be per-bot basis instead of site-wide Changed approve bot settings to automatically give users roles Changed invite settings to include applications.commands scope for slash command bots Fixed Negative TopCoins Detailed Analytics fixes Invite URL Changes for certain bots We would like to make a note on a few of the points. Those of you with a negative TopCord balance now have 10 topcoins. Spend them wisely. To have your bot include the applications.commands scope, simply add the Slash tag onto your bot. Those bots who are older than old itself is, you get a special Invite URL Change. If you bot has this issue, contact us in topcord-support. We love hearing from you guys on what you want to see in TopCord so be sure to head on over to the TopCord Suggestion Forum and use the TopCord Suggestion Template to let us know your thoughts! Thank you and Stay Safe, RaiiPrime Lead @ TopCord | Moderator @ Team Hydra
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    This isn't an official response, just my personal opinion. Zira's core functionality is basic reaction roles, it provides those for free such as z/add and autoroles ect. These functions can be used an unlimited time without any requirement of Premium. However, more specialised features such as toggle's and advanced suggestion configurations are more nieche and are locked behind a paywall to fund the servers that host the bot. A lot of people may not understand that hosting a bot isn't free and there are many fees involved, especially since Zira itself is a very large bot that's in over 700000 servers. I don't think the comparison to mee6 is fair, mee6 restricts a lot of core features such as changing the bots prefix to its premium options which costs $90 per server, or $12 per month. Zira Premium is only $2 / month, a fraction of the cost.
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    Your Discord User ID: 255834596766253057 Your Server ID: 267735321695748096 Your Suggestion: It would be nice if there was a way to delay autorole in such a way to not bypass Discord's built in verification system. The simplest way of doing this is waiting for a user to send a message before giving them a role. Why Does Zira Need This: Autorole makes users completely bypass the server verification level. In my server, for example, we've been raided quite a few times lately and the only way we've been able to prevent them is enabling phone verification. Zira giving users a role on join bypasses this.
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    Discord User ID: C4J3#7723 Suggestion: A command/function that auto clears all reactions to a message that are not from Zira. e.g. having a message with a reaction set to remove one role and add another, reactions aren't cleared meaning every user that ever reacted (even if they leave or are kicked) are listed in the reaction. For larger servers I imagine it could get quite annoying. Why Does Zira Need This: Useful for some setups that have multiple functions tied to a single reaction. Any Other Details You Want To Add: Similar manual commands seem to be suggested and users on the Team Hydra discord say this already happens in some cases but I have not found it to work in the case of add and removes on one emote. This might be solved if my other suggestion is added but if new solutions are implemented it may not work for all again.
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    Mine was literally "Crackhead" backwards. (Daehkcarc)
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    I got my gaming username (Lotus4Elise) from a combination of the two reasons why my parents chose Elise as my middle name. My mother's favorite classical song being Fur Elise, and my father's favorite car being a Lotus Elise.
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    (Imported From Previous Suggestions Channel) Discord Info: Lulurd#3000 | 566390512181968921 Suggestion: add a pretty mode option for infractions, just like how action logs have pretty mode to make them look like embeds
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    Hello and Welcome! Thanks for dropping by, here's a quick and easy way to get your Discord account fully linked to your forum profile! You might have noticed that when you signed in, it grabbed your username, and profile photo from Discord but that's all. You can actually get them synced up pretty easily, but it requires a little bit more work. Run the command /forum, this will check if an account on the forum matches your Discord account. If the account is correct (it definitely should be), run the command /forum link. This will generate a code that will be sent to your forum account. Head over to your inbox on the forums, you will have a new conversation containing your code from Team Hydra System#5313 Return to Discord and run the command /forum verify <code> If anything goes wrong, or if you would like to sync your roles to the forum manually, you can use the /forum sync command. This can only be used once per hour to prevent abuse.
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    My full name is Manuel, and literally everyone call me "Manu", so I don't have to explain why my username is Manu.
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