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    Hey everyone! It's been a long time. Sorry for that. Ever since we sharded HepBoat our team has been pretty quiet. I'm here with news, but not the news. But we will talk more about that later. First, let's cover HepBoat currently. Right now there is obviously some suffering people are facing with not getting some events, unfortunately a lot of this is out of our control. Thankfully none of the important events are getting missed, but sometimes there seems to be some issues with less important events getting missed by modlogs. There's also the issues with cosmetic things like badges across different shards due to not anticipating the scale of the bot, and not making it something that is aware of shards. This is something that will be fixed and drastically improved in the... upcoming news.... Second, and most importantly! We want your feedback!! We know some of you live and breathe HepBoat, and some of you (Lily) are the reason it still exists today. For the past couple weeks the suggestions system has been disabled as we find a better way to manage suggestions. It used to be just for Zira, then Zira and HepBoat, and now it's over 10 services in house, and suggestions for our partnered services, and with a larger partner moving into Team Hydra, Zira's system did not work out for us anymore. So we are introducing our Forums! We would appreciate if you could register and check them out! (This was originally written for Discord but due to it's length, was posted on the forums, so you're already on them!) We've already gone ahead and moved all of the valid HepBoat suggestions to the forums, so if your suggestions are there, feel free to sign up with the link above and comment on the ones that are yours so we can transfer them to your account, so you can keep track of them! If you can't find any past suggestions you have made (and put some effort into finding them) feel free to make new ones and follow the template. A quick link to the HepBoat suggestions forum is https://hydra.hep.gg/forum/8-hepboat/ Note: Once creating your account, make sure to run /forum in #bot-spam so you can link your account and get the roles you might need to actually post in this forum! Thirdly, slightly related to the forums. If you're a Patreon supporter, then you might have noticed that the tiers have disappeared. If you're currently subbed, *NOTHING* will change, unless you unsub or lose your Patreon sub, then you won't be able to resub. Instead, continuing on the news, the forums will be used to also maintain new subscriptions to HepBoat, and even facilitate the transactions for those interested in HepBoat Prime (and are invited to it). "But Jakey, why did you switch away from Patreon?" Personally, there's a lot of reasons. Only some of which I'll talk about, the important reasons. First, Patreon has a terrible API, all of it had to be done by hand and there was no real tracking. The best thing I could do with their API is trigger a webhook when people unsubbed, resubbed, or bumped a tier, and then had to run everything with the bot manually, and keeping track of who has what, for how many months, which subscription they have, which badge tier they are on. Etc. With the new system, and since it's homebrew, we can keep track of all of this automatically, and make sure people are getting exactly what they pay for. Second reason, Patreon took 10% of whatever we made, plus 3% or so for each transaction. Now I know it might be a little bit of whining, but, HepBoat Patreon was started as a way to support our development and server bills, which used to be something I was willing to just write off because I enjoyed making HepBoat. We've expanded to the point that HepBoat costs upwards of $200 a month to run, and it's no longer in a spot to a pay in the way of a hobby. Patreon is meant for creators where there isn't much in the way of costs, like YouTubers who are having people pay per video. Obviously they have costs associated but they typically make much more in the way of Patreon. The costs are fluent! HepBoat costs a flat fee a month, and losing sometimes 15 percent of anything I make just because I wanted the "tiered" tools, is not something that fits with the model of HepBoat anymore. The new platform, although something we pay for, is much less and actually makes our workflow easier, plus we host it and can write tools and scripts to automate it all, making the lives of staff and users easier. TL;DR - Patreon charged us too much, there was no API, we already wanted forums, and with integration to automate HepBoat and make it friendlier for users and staff, this is the place. If you are currently on Patreon, you can choose to stay, or you can move over! Feel free to comment here if you want to move your Patreon on sub over to here (it benefits us, and technically you, no tax!) we will honor the tiered pricing from Patreon! However if your sub drops off without letting us know in advance, we won't honor it! Last but not least. Maybe the whole reason you're here. The rewrite. I think the rewrite has been delayed more times and hyped up almost as much as Cyberpunk 2077, but hopefully we don't turn out to be the buggy mess the game did... There's bad and good news, lets start with the bad, because I'm awful, I know. The Bad: I'll be honest with you, the Python rewrite of HepBoat was cancelled (KEEP READING!). We manage a lot of projects, Zira being our biggest. And with even more honesty, Zira funds basically all of Team Hydra, and HepBoat barely covers it's own server bills. Zira covers the gap sometimes to keep the bot online. So the Python rewrite of HepBoat didn't really get of the ground, we had some help from the wonderful @GhoultheKitty#0001, but due to how things were, she was alone in a lot of the development, and ultimately it slowed to the point that I made the decision to stop working on it. We needed people to focus on current instance with all the API changes Discord was throwing out, that we had to maintain with all of our bots, not just HepBoat. All of our services BESIDES HepBoat are also written in Node.js / JS, and HepBoat was that outsider written in Python, and my Python skills started to get a little rusty. I no longer felt I could keep an active eye on it as well as I wanted with Ghoul and Bunnerz. Ultimately the Python rewrite was left in the dust, but thankfully, helping keep Rawgoat warm in these cold, wintery times. All in all, the rewrite was cancelled, and we focused on making emergency updates to HepBoat, and getting HepBoat Prime running for those who needed ULTRA reliability. The Good: Well, what can I say, I like having surprises, I like keeping the best for last because, frankly, I'm smiling while writing this. "But Jakey, you keep saying PYTHON version of HepBoat, I'm onto you! The rewrite isn't cancelled!" Very astute, thanks for ruining my surprise! Yes folks, HepBoat.js is in full effect, we are actively working on it, and will keep actively working on it. It'll still be the same HepBoat you know and love, but with all of your suggestions over the past 1-2 years, and lots of improvements to current systems that are half working (more plugins maybe???) Well, some of you have been here a while, the sparkle dust of a new promise might not get through to you, because I'll be honest, we have been full of empty promises, and I don't blame you, but I can assure you those promises hurt us internally, just as much. So what are we doing about it, what do we have to show for the rewrite? Well for those of you that haven't been helping us test... Not a lot, but I'll just have to ask you to trust me here... Internally, the command handler, command output, and basically the skeleton and the framework for the bot is done, it's all in place to make adding things in the future, easy, hotloadable, and STABLE. Adding plenty of new things but keeping it classic so it doesn't come across too different, but different enough that you get more usage from the bot. We are dedicated to delivering the best product we can, but we need more time. The dashboard needs a little bit of love to keep it looking the same, but up to date and functional. Switching from flask to a javascript backend is the tricky part, but it's also... One of the last things we need to do. After that, we open it up to start migrations and getting people onto the bot! Right now there is no ETA. Since the dashboard will require a lot of love, as well, we need to write the migration scripts from moving our current database into the new bot, then grab some new data that we need to store on each guild, and get people onboarded one by one. Bear with us as we get this done, we're doing it all for you guys, some of you have been with us since the beginning and we sincerely can't thank you enough. All servers that make the migration will be getting special flare on these forums, special server badges, and owners will be getting some founder badges on their profiles once it launches. We cannot wait to show you more and get some of you on board, keep an eye on these forums for some information on how to sign up to be first onto the new boat, obviously when it all goes down we will do a mass migration and launch it on the main bot, seamlessly moving you all over! If you want to support what we are doing here and donate a Redbull or 5 to the people behind the bot, you can see the new subscriptions listed here: https://hydra.hep.gg/store/ You can see that there are subscriptions to get your server whitelisted, if you currently use HepBoat do not do this, unless you're already subbed on Patreon, then comment below and we can help get your subscription moved over. There are also supporter roles that will help you level up your supporter badge on HepBoat for both the current instance and the new instance, all previous Patreon contributions will also be put towards your badge. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Whether you're just a user of HepBoat on a server you mod, all the way up to a HepBoat Prime Server Owner who's been with us since the beginning, I cannot thank you enough. This may just be a bot for a chat platform, but this bot moderates some of the greatest places in the world. Communities where we make friends, meet the loves of our lives, and create bonds that we might cherish forever. And that's why we keep creating bots, tools, etc. Keep doing that, and we'll keep making tools to help you continue it. I love you all, and thank you for everything, - JakeyPrime & Team HepBoat.
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    i like that i dont rly get ignored or looked down on by the high staff and most ppl there can be ppl I become friends with. Like a staff member DM'd me one time and we had a long convo with paragraphs and such. Pretty swag if you asked me. Also people that send me dovepat emotes like elise are swag. I take the counting channel competitively and got "6969" by staring at the channel for 20 minutes. I also like stalking the support channels sometimes because they are interesting + sometimes I can help ppl, thanks to the staff not being butt heads.
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    erm, I just kept generating passwords through a password manager and misly came out
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    3. However. Hard pass on doing this. Counting channel only place.
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    Mine is literally "Crackhead" backwards.
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    I originally joined Zira when I was looking for a reaction roles bot for my now dead server at the time, before Zira server was closed, shut down and made open source. I was pretty upset at the time as it was one of the better ones I knew. I only found out it was actually back up and running again when one of my friends added it to their server last year, and when I joined back to see for myself, I was surprised how it became "Team Hydra" with these other great useful services, and wish I had of known sooner.
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    Discord ID (For contacting purposes): 328213865957425166 Discord Username and Discriminator (Also for contacting purposes): august#6856 Suggestion: add a s/howto keepclan (may want a better name). Lot of people tend to jump into clan soloing, bite more than they can chew and can't leave due to sunk cost fallacy. Most of the time I convinced them by explain that they can make a burner account to keep their clan, having this command would help a lot. It can go like this: Step 1: make a new WF account Step 2: let that account join your current clan and grants it the highest rank Step 3: quit the clan in your main account, join back through the burner account whenever you want.
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    Your Discord User ID: 84912325282254848 Your Server ID: 233510815645302785 Your Instance ID: 653343045273780225 Your Suggestion: Reaction based thread opening. Imagine there would be a message with 3 reactions, and those would open a thread in different categories. My idea is sourcing from our server, because we have 3-4 different types of tickets we usually get, game suppport, discord server support, forums, and so on. Why Does Hydra Modmail Need This: Because it's very unique. The only bot i've seen this do before is yag's ticket system. Any Other Details You Want To Add: Jake is cute
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    My username was always just my full name, and when i was younger that was no problem, and I have such an awful last name that it was never taken so I could have it everywhere. Eventually giving that name out to friends was a super big headache, so I stopped doing that. People have called me Jakey my whole life, and I had the idea that it would be useful to have a name close enough to my name that it was something I would respond to, but something different from my actual name. Jakey it was. Im not sure how Prime came about, I have about 5000 hours in Warframe, so people often assume I got my name from Warframe, but you need to realize that I needed to pick my username before knowing anything about Warframe. It just happened to fit. I still love my username after all these years and I don't see myself changing it, it doesn't hide my identity, but it's still an alias so I can differentiate people online versus irl. If someone calls me Jake they are typically close friends or IRL friends, Jakey is less formal, and I like being able to have the 2 be seperate but close enough that people wont find it weird switching to Jake once they know me well enough.
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    I needed a new name and searched through other servers and liked "noodle" bc noodles r swag
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    Setup a Discord server for the staff of Call of Duty communities to come together and deal with cheaters. Together we review suspicious gameplay, analyze profiles, scan cheating forums and more to keep our Discord communities clean of cheaters. After actively complaining about Dyno I was recommended HepBoat by 3 staff members from the Call of Duty Discord. This prompted me to dive into it an instantly apply for a server whitelist!
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    As you may have noticed my Patreon subscription is still active. Just because I've paid for my servers doesn't mean I want to stop supporting the work you're doing .
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    It's only been a few months since I first started using HepBoat after some moderators from the Call of Duty Discord recommended it to me. And boy has it been a night day difference from Dyno! Why? HepBoat actually works, is easily configurable, doesn't have multiple hours of down time every other day, has an amazing (and patient, sorry lol) support team and much, much more. So no Jakey. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the time and dedication you've put into making HepBoat and Team Hydra what it currently is. On a sidenote, let's get that Patreon moved over shall we?
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    From my 3 suggestions this is the one I'm looking forward to the most! It's honestly the only thing I've been missing from HepBoat.
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    Easy peasy, but a valuable addition nonetheless.
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    Looking forward to seeing these types of improvements come through!
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    Yeah sure, this can be added on next update.
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    (Imported From Previous Suggestions Channel) Discord Info: SlimShadyIAm#9999 | 109705860275539968 Suggestion: when a user blacklisted on other servers creates a thread, have it show the name of the server(s) as well as a reason as to why they were blacklisted. This could be as a separate red colored embed so it’s immediately obvious. Also add an optional reason param to the blacklist commands
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    (Imported From Previous Suggestions Channel) Discord Info: Lulurd#0074 | 566390512181968921 Suggestion: Add an OPTIONAL feature where the bot replies back with a "confirmation" message You DM the bot and the bot replies back with "Are you sure you want to send this message to the staff?" This will be so helpful because a lot of people apologize in the mail thread saying that they didn't know the bot could do this
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    (Imported From Previous Suggestions Channel) Discord Info: Daehkcarc#0001 | 194151269399527425 Suggestion: Allow the owner of an instance to restart it (with long cooldown) to apply changed settings.
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    Love you man, glad to have you around! There's no mixed feelings, you're a good guy, and your kind words are super appreciated! And no problem for the logs, I just wanted you to be like "oh mb lol" hahaha! Glad to have you here once again
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    I’m super excited! I’ve supported hepboat since I found her and Jakey, you have an amazing team, I’m sure you’ll accomplish amazing things in the js rewrite. You have my full support, and I know you have mixed feelings about me however I’ve loved Team Hydra when I first discovered Zira. I wish you guys the best! I love the forums and the whole moving suggestions and topics to a more home-ish feel. Astonishing job on everything, as always ps. sorry about the hep.gg logs mess, I never told you directly :p
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    You're a star Jakey. I hope you also allow some kind of custom choice for donation/payment amount, because I want to help even out the issues with Hep's contribution. It's been INVALUABLE to us, since it was very first introduced. I can't imagine the struggle we'd have had without it. ♥ EDIT: also lmao first
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    I met this cool guy from the warframe discord, he did a real good job with running it and we became great friends. Eventually he gave me a link to here to hang out. TLDR Is that thee Jakeyprime from the old Warframe Community Discord? Great job with the server and bots, keep it up!
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    Thanks i hate it
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    Pretty much every command will be made prettier but this one is for sure gonna be one of them. If they look bad, blame @Panther#0001
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    Even though your suggestions give me goddamn strokes, sure.
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    The message will be a template in the future and can be configured with strings, and prefilled things so you can have it sent or say whatever you want.
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    Marking this as potential, and I will explain why, however long story short slash commands WILL BE supported. However, due to limits placed on them, they will NOT be supported for EVERY command or tags etc. They will only be supported for punishment / infraction related commands, and we will expand to other most used commands after that if we have more space for them. As we have data since day 1 for the most used commands in HepBoat.
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    Lots of pagination coming in rewrite.
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    While I like the idea, the config is a little complicated. Might be something we implement but it wouldn't be as advanced as you have it in config. The commands I like a lot, but setting up multiple choice / questions, is a little stupid. Most servers will have it the same and maybe we could add a way to add translations but it would be hard limited to 2-3 questions or something like that.
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    Certainly interesting, this is not how it should be. I'll have to look at the tech behind the tagging and prefixes work, because it doesn't make a whole lot of sense if it performs like that. The only way I can see fixing it in the immediate future is making it so that tags are not shared across forums and making 8-9 for each forum, which for suggestion forums like this would be incredibly annoying. However, I'll see what we can do, thanks for suggesting it! Right now the best thing is to follow, as all the bot devs will post about the progress of the suggestions and you should be auto following after posting.
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    Hello and Welcome! Thanks for dropping by, here's a quick and easy way to get your Discord account fully linked to your forum profile! You might have noticed that when you signed in, it grabbed your username, and profile photo from Discord but that's all. You can actually get them synced up pretty easily, but it requires a little bit more work. Run the command /forum, this will check if an account on the forum matches your Discord account. If the account is correct (it definitely should be), run the command /forum link. This will generate a code that will be sent to your forum account. Head over to your inbox on the forums, you will have a new conversation containing your code from Team Hydra System#5313 Return to Discord and run the command /forum verify <code> If anything goes wrong, or if you would like to sync your roles to the forum manually, you can use the /forum sync command. This can only be used once per hour to prevent abuse.
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    I can literally make Ramen, that's about it. This is not a thread for me.
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