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  1. Problem is, right now, there is no command to create a modmail, they just DM the bot, how would you want a user to differentiate sending anonymous threads? Maybe /anon in front of it?
  2. Would server owners toggle it at a server level or would users use a command to make it anonymous?
  3. This could be implemented as a toggle, I like the idea. The only thing about this is that we would still store the user ID on our backend, for obvious reasons of keeping it all and for blacklisting. I'd have to think it over and how it would work with both our backend as well as making sure the user is completely anonymous etc, but I'm liking the idea of it. The only thing that i would add, if we do have a way of blacklisting users from the anonymous feature, is it would warn the user before they contact, do you think this would be a good idea? I think it would be jarrying to message in, expecting to be anonymous and suddenly it showing your username.
  4. Creative enough to use your own name as your username, that's at least creative.
  5. This can likely be abused, but I like the idea. Maybe something to look at.
  6. Might make it like a ratio in the rewrite, something like 0.5 on "new user actions" in the config so that the censors will be half as much to trigger it for users that are classified as new. But really need to investigate further on this.
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