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  1. Your Discord User ID: 194151269399527425 Your Server ID: 212324635356692500 Your Suggestion: When a new Discord user joins the guild, there may be a slim chance that it's either a bot, ban evader, or other various things. My suggestion is that we could apply stricter censor/spam limits to new users, or mute/kick/ban/role them altogether. Why Does HepBoat Need This: Could possibly prevent bots/spammers/raiders etc. Any Other Details You Want To Add: E
  2. Mine is literally "Crackhead" backwards.
  3. well then post a picture of the ramen you make
  4. Is this for Hep.gg or the forum? EDIT: moved to community / discord
  5. (Imported From Previous Suggestions Channel) Discord Info: Daehkcarc#0001 | 194151269399527425 Suggestion: Allow the owner of an instance to restart it (with long cooldown) to apply changed settings.
  6. (Imported From Previous Suggestions Channel) Discord Info: untuned#0001 | 194151269399527425 Suggestion: Allow premium guilds to also create a text channel when a new private voice channel is created (with z/rooms)
  7. (Imported From Previous Suggestions Channel) Discord Info: untuned#0001 | 194151269399527425 Suggestion: z/help <command> shows info for that specific command. Example: z/help normal - Add a normal reaction role to the selected channel and message. Usage: z/normal <emoji> <role>
  8. It could probably be reduced to a single question of "Why would you like to be unbanned" then (like Twitch).
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