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  1. Your Discord User ID: 194151269399527425 Your Server ID: 532372609476591626 Your Suggestion: When someone gets an error for Invalid JSON, we should provide them a link to our hosted embed builder for easy generation of the correct syntax. Why Does Zira Need This: In case people use another generator, or don't format it correctly, this will help them create it properly. Any Other Details You Want To Add: E
  2. +1 If you type z/join add without anything after it, it will show that it has an additional argument for message or embed. It would make sense to have it in the help page as well to let people who don't read the documentation that there are two options.
  3. All applications are being moved over, and we cannot confirm if you will need to resubmit at this time. We'll make our decision and note it in the final announcement.
  4. Hello everyone! We have some news regarding the application system that we use on the forum. As you might have known, for about a month or two we have not responded to any of the submissions you guys have put in, and there are a couple of reasons for this. First, the application system that this forum implements is not that great at informing users if they have been approved or not. Second, the setup process for these applications is not the best either. As of this moment (or about two months ago), we have temporarily put all applications on hold. DO NOT SEND IN A TICKET, IT WILL BE IGNORED/DENIED! During this time, we have been working and developing a new system to use that will be coming soon! You will be able to apply for any of our services or positions directly through Discord, and will even receive notifications on the status and any approvals or denials. If you would like to receive another announcement once this is ready to use, please join our (newly verified) Discord server, at https://discord.gg/zira. Thank you for bearing with us, and we will make another announcement once this is fully ready!
  5. It's there, thanks Not sure why this thread wasn't marked as resolved before lol
  6. beat saber, minecraft, that one degenerate game called vrchat or something, maybe a little bit of warframe
  7. Únase a nuestro servidor de Discord y lea el canal "# hepboat-info". https://discord.gg/zira
  8. What did you apply for?
  9. While it sounds like a good idea, the simpler solution would just be to have multiple Hydra instances for each "department". We have the Modmail Bot, and the Premium Billing Help. Each has their own prefix and settings, differentiating the two from each other. Plus, it allows users to easily go back in their history with each department if they are looking for something in specific. This isn't an official response, this is my opinion on the suggestion.
  10. Can't wait to see it! EDIT: I saw it, it's pretty cool!
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