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  1. diabetes disguised as a log.. interesting i may or may not have eaten this before
  2. i like that i dont rly get ignored or looked down on by the high staff and most ppl there can be ppl I become friends with. Like a staff member DM'd me one time and we had a long convo with paragraphs and such. Pretty swag if you asked me. Also people that send me dovepat emotes like elise are swag. I take the counting channel competitively and got "6969" by staring at the channel for 20 minutes. I also like stalking the support channels sometimes because they are interesting + sometimes I can help ppl, thanks to the staff not being butt heads.
  3. Yea just any way possible being the least annoying but overall it wouldn't be a terrible addition
  4. I needed a new name and searched through other servers and liked "noodle" bc noodles r swag
  5. Your Discord User ID: 194666207440273408 Your Server ID: 548949555597803550 Your Instance ID: studmania (536542160703586324) Your Suggestion: A way of being able to see the before/after of an edited reply. Why Does Hydra Modmail Need This: Well there is no way of exactly knowing what was edited in a ModMail thread without actually being there and no logs exist of anything being edited. Also asking a staff member would not be as convenient such as going to the logs or maybe a way of seeing the edit in the thread message.
  6. Yorkshire Puds as we call them. I have these every thanksgiving/christmas and its literally not a Holiday without. I showed my friend these before and they said it's strange so might as well post my "out of the ordinary" food.
  7. We need some food pics here so we can all sit and suffer with our stomachs growling looking at some sweet foods. Maybe something out of the ordinary you've had? I'm interested to hear!
  8. (Imported From Previous Suggestions Channel) Discord Info: noodle#0002 | 194666207440273408 Suggestion: The ability to use canned responses as anonymous replies. Would be used like !!hi -a
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