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  1. Let's see the results! I need to know weather I can like you or not Get out of my room mom, i'm playing Minecraft <:(
  2. 1. i am a dove (jakey told me so) 2. i need help 3. elis
  3. Your Discord User ID: 194666207440273408 Your Suggestion: Folders for uploads (maybe even link shortened things?) How Would Hep.gg Benefit From This: It enables users to organize and easily find specific uploads/urls at ease. Any Other Details You Want To Add: There could also be a default folder that every new upload goes to and then you can move it later. It would also be nice to have a way to browse specific things in a folder. The only real way of finding your epic uploads is favoriting that upload or remembering the name to that upload so this would be very poggers. Hep.gg turns into a meme storage ehehhehhehehehhehehehehhehehhehehehehe
  4. at least yours is creative and original
  5. https://youtu.be/9BeV2lKSyXU
  6. Kawaii ^_^ video0-77.mp4
  7. diabetes disguised as a log.. interesting i may or may not have eaten this before
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