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  1. Separate version was made in group doc; this thread can be locked as it's no longer relevant, since it should be added with doc updates.
  2. Hey Jakey, Sort of the right idea; I can click the prefix and filter based on that tag, but it shows me all posts throughout the forum with that tag. Ideally, it would filter down to only sub-forums to be cleaner. I'll attach an example of what I'm seeing, for reference. The expected behavior I'm suggesting is: click Pending Review tag, see "Community / Discord" posts that are Pending Review. My video shows ones from the "Slipstream" sub-forum as well, despite the post I'm looking at not being in that area. Having a way to filter through each sub-forum tags (through the original image I shared) would leave what I demonstrated in the video untouched, since some users may prefer all posts throughout the entire forum, while also giving the user more flexibility to review content in specific areas. Just let me know if you might have any more questions about this particular suggestion, thanks! 2020-12-22_15-57-23_Trim.mp4
  3. As more threads are tagged to track progress and inform users of their content, there quickly becomes a need to have some sort of functionality to filter them. The existing sub-forum filters don't seem to have them (see image below for what I'm referring to), and I think they'd provide some benefit for users to stay up-to-date on in progress or completed posts. Please let me know if there might be any questions, comments, or concerns about this proposal. Thanks!
  4. Discord ID (For contacting purposes): 204839596792610827 Discord Username and Discriminator (Also for contacting purposes): Nekomian#3627 Suggestion: Attached (or similar) image for command, detailing Requiem Obelisk usage on the Cambion Drift; this question gets asked frequently enough to warrant a quick command.
  5. Please actually hold off on this, it needs to be re-written again; information on Wiki and between players has changed and evolved more as users experience different phenomenon. I'll have to update this accordingly as time permits. Thanks!
  6. Discord ID (For contacting purposes): 204839596792610827 Discord Username and Discriminator (Also for contacting purposes): Nekomian#3627 Suggestion: Create a command (s/howto Orphix Venom) with the attached guide; it is a bit long, so it would need to have pagination, just due to the nature of how complex the event specific details and scoring are. If this is not possible, we could potentially shorten it instead. Three TGs have already confirmed reviewed and I've amended it to their corrections, but feel free to have others review it as well. Warframe - Operation Orphix Venom Overview_Streamlined.docx
  7. Discord ID (For contacting purposes): 204839596792610827 Discord Username and Discriminator (Also for contacting purposes): Nekomian#7777 Suggestion: In-depth guide regarding what each focus school does, important nodes to unlock / in what progression to unlock them (i.e. Naramon w/ farm to help max them faster as a potential recommendation), and finally focus farming tips and tricks (i.e. adaro stealth farm). This is a relatively common question since the focus system can be quite daunting to newer players who want to make well informed decisions with their time; would need to have guides draft & review as well, to ensure everything is correct.
  8. Hey there Nekomian#7777, 

    I'm really glad you joined us, take around your profile (where I posted this) and get it all customized to your liking!

    If you want to change your profile photo, or your name, it will sync with Discord, and you can click the "update" button in the Discord tab under your account to get this done!

  9. I'll put it as a proposal in server instead; this is mainly just because we've updated commands or added them recently, so it was slightly related.
  10. In this particular area, the bot's profile (possibly status) just shows plains of eidolon remaining times. The suggestion is to show more information, like all cycles (fortuna / deimos) and anomalies, though I understand there probably are text limitations to this so not everything can be shown.
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