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  1. Ah Sorry about that. Thanks for considering it
  2. Please use this template to make a suggestion for TopCord. Suggestions not following this template will be denied! < --------------------------------- > Discord User ID: Your Suggestion: Why does TopCord need this?: Any Extra Notes: < --------------------------------- > Thank you for using TopCord and we hope you enjoy our platform!
  3. Your Discord User ID: 715520615896842302 Your Server ID: 532372609476591626 Your Suggestion: Twitter plugin for automatically posting twitter feeds. Why Does HepBoat Need This: It would be useful for official twitter feeds to be posted to Discord. Any Other Details You Want To Add: Nah
  4. Your Discord User ID: 715520615896842302 Your Server ID: 804495783579222056 Your Suggestion: Add a way to loop the entire queue and not just the current song. Why Does Zira Music / Alexa Need This: This will allow for you to loop an entire playlist. Any Other Details You Want To Add: N/A
  5. Your Discord User ID: 715520615896842302 Your Suggestion: Add in command aliases to allow command aliases. An example of a command alias would run a canned response, the notify command, and close 12 h all in one command usage. Why Does Hydra Modmail Need This: This would allow staff to run multiple commands in and output less. Any Other Details You Want To Add: N/A
  6. I am so happy to hear that! It is always great to hear stories that are this wholesome! Feel free to DM me on Discord!
  7. Hello Team Hydra Forum Readers, After reading the responses from Jake's post, I thought I would make post to find what keeps you here with us at Team Hydra? What makes you feel comfortable talking with us? What experiences have you had with us? And anything else that makes you a part of our community. I cannot wait to read all of your responses, Heath Hollows
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