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  1. Ideally, users could choose whether or not to be anonymous based on which command they use. And the admins could toggle whether or not anonymity would be available for their server in the first place
  2. Glad you like it! I imagine that the user would be informed at the point that they get blocked, and then any time they try to send something anonymously either it fails with an error message - so they have to use the regular, non-anonymous messaging instead - or it asks for confirmation before sending with their name attached. I completely agree that at no point should a message intended as anonymous be sent with a name unless the user has agreed to it
  3. Your Discord User ID: purplecho#1199 | 298948950814228481 Your Server ID: not currently running Hydra ModMail. Looking at running it on server ID 734036525091913798 or maybe others in future, but this feature would be essential for us Your Instance ID: (If you have one) Your Suggestion: allow server members to contact mods anonymously Why Does Hydra Modmail Need This: sometimes people are not comfortable raising issues if they can't be anonymous Any Other Details You Want To Add: obviously this runs the risk of anonymous spammers. But perhaps there could be a way of blacklisting individuals from the anonymous feature, so they can still contact the mods if they really need to but without being anonymous
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