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  1. Your Discord User ID: 165047934113677312 Your Suggestion: Ability to send gifts of premium (like gifting games on steam) such as purchasing a month for a certain user ID and it would expire after that month How Would Hep.gg Benefit From This: More options for users and if someone is gifted premium it might push them to purchase it for themselves after their gift expires Any Other Details You Want To Add:
  2. This isn't an official response, just my personal opinion. Zira's core functionality is basic reaction roles, it provides those for free such as z/add and autoroles ect. These functions can be used an unlimited time without any requirement of Premium. However, more specialised features such as toggle's and advanced suggestion configurations are more nieche and are locked behind a paywall to fund the servers that host the bot. A lot of people may not understand that hosting a bot isn't free and there are many fees involved, especially since Zira itself is a very large bot that's in over 700000 servers. I don't think the comparison to mee6 is fair, mee6 restricts a lot of core features such as changing the bots prefix to its premium options which costs $90 per server, or $12 per month. Zira Premium is only $2 / month, a fraction of the cost.
  3. You know that's a hard question to ask, I love quite a few. All time favourites have to be Beat Saber, Factorio and Minecraft. They're all chill and have so much replayability with mods ect Recently been enjoying a lot of R6 and a bit of PUBG though they can get really infuriating sometimes so the other are good to relax. I get so bored despite having these games to play but that's a personal problem
  4. That's true, but that would mean a user would have to pay for multiple instances so it may not be for everyone but that's just my opinion.
  5. Your Discord User ID: 165047934113677312 Your Server ID: 242263977986359297 Your Instance ID: N / A Your Suggestion: When sending a ticket, a user would have a prompt where to route their ticket such as "React to this message with A if you'd like to said your ticket to B, react with C to send to D. This would be set up by the server staff with them creating the options for it or disabling it if need be. Would allow semi-automatic filtering of tickets to make sure they go to the right place. Why Does Hydra Modmail Need This: Not a feature many other ModMail bots have and would be extremely useful for specific servers where they use Modmail for multiple areas. Any Other Details You Want To Add: Nada
  6. Your Discord User ID: 165047934113677312 Your Server ID: 242263977986359297 Your Suggestion: Add a blacklist guild ID option, similar to the currently existing "invites_guild_whitelist" but for blacklists instead. Why Does HepBoat Need This: Allows more varaiations on setups and certain servers may prefer to keep a blacklist of guild IDs instead of a whitelist Any Other Details You Want To Add: Full credit to valkyrie#0001
  7. 1. grafic design is my pashion 2. I spend way too much time on Discord 3. English is the worst thing to study.
  8. Original xbox generated username was "VirtualRogue10" CRINGE Anyways over the years "Virt" kinda stuck with me and I made variations upon it, most of which have aged significantly and make me cringe as I'm typing them. One day I just happened to across this name, if I wanted to be philisophical I'd say it comes from the Roman Author "Virtruvius", in reality I just got it from the Lego Movie and tweaked the spelling and here we are today.
  9. This is my doggo, only ~6 Months old but still my cute doggo regardless
  10. Your Discord User ID: 165047934113677312 Your Server ID: 242263977986359297 Your Suggestion: A config option to set a period of time for warnings to become inactive, such as 90 for 90 days and after that time the warning will appear as "inactive" within the infractions dashboard. Why Does HepBoat Need This: Certain servers allow warnings to expire after a certain amount of time, this would automate the process to make a more convenient experience. Any Other Details You Want To Add: By default, warnings would not expire.
  11. Your Discord User ID: 165047934113677312 Your Server ID: 242263977986359297 Your Suggestion: Ability to automatically clean channels every set duration such as x amount of hours. Does not clean pinned messages. Why Does HepBoat Need This: Improved feature set, and allows for more options to tailor to each specific server. Any Other Details You Want To Add: Is the only feature we have lost since transitioning from D*no, would be very useful to see it be usable in Hep.
  12. Well after being a long term user of Dyno Premium for 3 years the server I manage finally hit our breaking point. Dyno couldn't even manage to stay online for an hour and regularly caused issues for our moderators when action needed to be taken. I was out to find a solution and effective replacement as soon as possible. We use a Modmail bot in our server are funnily enough one of the Admins for that Modmail support server, Shadowstar, recommend HepBoat to myself to replace Dyno and after some research decided to have a go with the whitelist form. I regret nothing, compared to Dyno this is night and day and thankfully our mod team shares the same thoughts. Also while I was looking into HepBoat I saw Zira as a reaction roles bot and decided to bring that in to replace our other Reaction Role bot who had even worse downtime than Dyno (our shard luck is terrible) and it's been great. Thank you for the awesome bots.
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