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Found 5 results

  1. Your Discord User ID: 566390512181968921 Your Server ID: 351064956478685184 Your Suggestion: Role/User ID whitelist for blocked_nicknames Why Does HepBoat Need This: It's nice to let certain people bypass the blocked_nicknames feature without also bypassing other censor features, plus other censor features already have their own whitelist thing. Any Other Details You Want To Add: no
  2. Instead of having to use discord.gg invites the ability to use "3rd party" domains would be externally useful. Example: Instead of discord.gg/beanbeanbean you could have bean.gg/join (if you owned that domain and had it all properly setup) This feature wouldn't be enabled by default as its a good check for those who don't fully know what they are doing. But for those that do know, maybe they can submit a simple application to be whitelisted for the feature, have a simple toggle in some kind of profile settings, or be able to pay for it. (Not a monthly payment though, that would not be worth it no matter how low the payment would be)
  3. My Discord ID: <@!544524192524009503> "My" server ID: 775388018743181332 My suggestion: So my suggestion is, add a new type of command, or update the current ones, so that, the bot will check before a role gets removed when "unreacting", and if there's another reaction emoji that's overriding the exact same role, then Zira will not continue to remove that role, until the user unreacts to every reaction emoji that will give it that exact role. Why does Zira need it: I'm building quite a big server, and it happens to have LOTS of roles, but organization aswell. I think most of the people reading this, users of Discord, have known many servers that would use role displays like this: Screen Capture - Role Display in servers And, if I don't have either one role or another, like, for example, if I removed Minecraft role from myself, the display should be like this: Screen Capture - Role display in servers (1 role removed) Now, you can see that the group role "JUEGOS" is now gone, I did that manually. But, what if I wanna automate that by setting that 1 emoji reaction, with Zira, will trigger both roles on the user, by just hitting on one emoji? Well, that's possible, and works fine, until I add another game to the role group. When I add 2 reaction emojis, both leading to the same role, they work fine, but if one of them gets removed, then the whole Role Group also disappears, which shouldn't happen, because, if I want to stick with "Minecraft" role, and remove the "CSGO" one, the "─── JUEGOS ───"disappears, and ends up showing something like this: Screen Capture - Failed role grouping Extra details: You should just let people suggest in a different format, or using another method...
  4. Your Discord User ID: 209639897164677120 Your Suggestion: Add a forum topic or area where we can report typos, formatting errors, CSS bugs etc. How Would Hep.gg Benefit From This: improve the website over the long term. The first thing I would post is the following: the "Read Templates" warning has an &nbsp; tag between "If" and "you" in the second sentence.
  5. User ID: 371323466672242688 Username: justanothercorpusguy#9456 Suggestion: An option to send s/howtos to DMs. Additionally send a confirmation message afterwards. That could be "guide has been sent to <user>" or similar. In cases where DMing failed, send something like "Could not send guide to <user>". Additional restrictions may be necessary. Possibly a cooldown or permission restriction
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