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Found 13 results

  1. Your Discord User ID: 700235335380107364 Your Server ID: 798237826239037481 Your Suggestion: The "Boosters" section in the "server" command has a "number of boosts". It shows <number of boosts> boosters. In my opinion, it should be boosts instead of boosters since few members might've boosted more than once. Why Does HepBoat Need This: Number of boosts is more appropriate in my opinion since, as I said, few members might have boosted more than once Any Other Details You Want To Add:
  2. Your Discord User ID: 451526234191429647 Your Server ID: 754362306040692826 Your Suggestion: It would be nice to be able to lock reactions behind certain role/s having to already be on the users profile. As an example a new member cannot select any other reaction role until they have the role "rules" which is granted when they've agree to the accept rules reaction. I would also be nice if an explanation would show or be dm'd so the member could understand why the reaction is locked out. Thank you. Why Does Zira Need This: It would enhance functionality. Any Other Details You Want To Add:
  3. Your Discord User ID: 695637536986497084 Your Server ID: 798237826239037481 Your Suggestion: Allow users to pick one role, from multipe messages. If you've for example 2 messages with colours that they only can pick one instead of two from two messages. Why Does Zira Need This: It would be usefull for servers with multipe messages for roles. Any Other Details You Want To Add: Narf.
  4. Your Discord User ID: 255834596766253057 Your Server ID: 267735321695748096 Your Suggestion: It would be nice if there was a way to delay autorole in such a way to not bypass Discord's built in verification system. The simplest way of doing this is waiting for a user to send a message before giving them a role. Why Does Zira Need This: Autorole makes users completely bypass the server verification level. In my server, for example, we've been raided quite a few times lately and the only way we've been able to prevent them is enabling phone verification. Zira giving users a role on join bypasses this.
  5. quiero agregar a mi server a HepBoat y por eso ago esta solisitud
  6. Discord User ID: C4J3#7723 Suggestion: A command/function that auto clears all reactions to a message that are not from Zira. e.g. having a message with a reaction set to remove one role and add another, reactions aren't cleared meaning every user that ever reacted (even if they leave or are kicked) are listed in the reaction. For larger servers I imagine it could get quite annoying. Why Does Zira Need This: Useful for some setups that have multiple functions tied to a single reaction. Any Other Details You Want To Add: Similar manual commands seem to be suggested and users on the Team Hydra discord say this already happens in some cases but I have not found it to work in the case of add and removes on one emote. This might be solved if my other suggestion is added but if new solutions are implemented it may not work for all again.
  7. Discord User ID: C4J3#7723 Suggestion: something like z/replace where you declare two roles. One to be replaced and one for it to be replaced with, while also having the limits of z/once. E.g. z/replace unverified verified. Why Does Zira Need This: Useful for people who want both a custom unverified and verified role but still want the functionality and limitations of the once function. Any Other Details You Want To Add: Can already be partially achieved with the use of a normal and remove argument on the same emote but doesn't have the limits of once. Likewise once doesn't allow for the removal of roles. Could also add that option to once allowing it to have a remove argument as well so you can have a one off 'click to unban' option if you wanted. Removing a custom 'muted' role and regaining a talk once but only being able to do so once.
  8. Your Discord User ID: 165047934113677312 Your Server ID: 242263977986359297 Your Instance ID: N / A Your Suggestion: When sending a ticket, a user would have a prompt where to route their ticket such as "React to this message with A if you'd like to said your ticket to B, react with C to send to D. This would be set up by the server staff with them creating the options for it or disabling it if need be. Would allow semi-automatic filtering of tickets to make sure they go to the right place. Why Does Hydra Modmail Need This: Not a feature many other ModMail bots have and would be extremely useful for specific servers where they use Modmail for multiple areas. Any Other Details You Want To Add: Nada
  9. Your Discord User ID: 206212600596398080 Your Server ID: 532372609476591626 Your Suggestion: A configureable option for announcement type channels, the bot will auto publish anything there. Why Does HepBoat Need This: It would be useful instead of manually clicking things, especially if we use FeedBot. Any Other Details You Want To Add: Nah
  10. Your Discord User ID: 206212600596398080 Your Server ID: 532372609476591626 Your Suggestion: When doing the !inf info <infraction id> command, the command shows the following In the rewrite, for temp infractions, it could possibly display the original duration of the temp infraction, like add another field for the time, like "3 hours" etc. Why Does HepBoat Need This: It would be a useful extension to the inf info command. Any Other Details You Want To Add: Nah
  11. Your Discord User ID: 194151269399527425 Your Server ID: 532372609476591626 Your Suggestion: Add a command that allows a server administrator/owner to automatically add a permission override to channels for the configured mute role. This would have a lengthy command cooldown of at least 1 hour to prevent API abuse, as well as a warning before using the command. Why Does HepBoat Need This: Helps prevent mis-configured channels, allowing muted users to bypass their mute. Any Other Details You Want To Add: I love you
  12. My Discord ID: <@!544524192524009503> "My" server ID: 775388018743181332 My suggestion: So my suggestion is, add a new type of command, or update the current ones, so that, the bot will check before a role gets removed when "unreacting", and if there's another reaction emoji that's overriding the exact same role, then Zira will not continue to remove that role, until the user unreacts to every reaction emoji that will give it that exact role. Why does Zira need it: I'm building quite a big server, and it happens to have LOTS of roles, but organization aswell. I think most of the people reading this, users of Discord, have known many servers that would use role displays like this: Screen Capture - Role Display in servers And, if I don't have either one role or another, like, for example, if I removed Minecraft role from myself, the display should be like this: Screen Capture - Role display in servers (1 role removed) Now, you can see that the group role "JUEGOS" is now gone, I did that manually. But, what if I wanna automate that by setting that 1 emoji reaction, with Zira, will trigger both roles on the user, by just hitting on one emoji? Well, that's possible, and works fine, until I add another game to the role group. When I add 2 reaction emojis, both leading to the same role, they work fine, but if one of them gets removed, then the whole Role Group also disappears, which shouldn't happen, because, if I want to stick with "Minecraft" role, and remove the "CSGO" one, the "─── JUEGOS ───"disappears, and ends up showing something like this: Screen Capture - Failed role grouping Extra details: You should just let people suggest in a different format, or using another method...
  13. User ID: 371323466672242688 Username: justanothercorpusguy#9456 Suggestion: An option to send s/howtos to DMs. Additionally send a confirmation message afterwards. That could be "guide has been sent to <user>" or similar. In cases where DMing failed, send something like "Could not send guide to <user>". Additional restrictions may be necessary. Possibly a cooldown or permission restriction
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