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Invalid ANSWERED Fix (or add) Zira's multi-reaction function over the same role

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Hello, so here's the thing.
I'm building quite a big server, and it happens to have LOTS of roles, but organization aswell. I think most of the people reading this, users of Discord, have known many servers that would use role displays like this:
Screen Capture - Role Display in servers
And, if I don't have either one role or another, like, for example, if I removed Minecraft role from myself, the display should be like this:
Screen Capture - Role display in servers (1 role removed)
Now, you can see that the group role "JUEGOS" is now gone, I did that manually. But, what if I wanna automate that by setting that 1 emoji reaction, with Zira, will trigger both roles on the user, by just hitting on one emoji? Well, that's possible, and works fine, until I add another game to the role group.
When I add 2 reaction emojis, both leading to the same role, they work fine, but if one of them gets removed, then the whole Role Group also disappears, which shouldn't happen, because, if I want to stick with "Minecraft" role, and remove the "CSGO" one, the "─── JUEGOS ───"disappears, and ends up showing something like this:
Screen Capture - Failed role grouping

So my suggestion is, add a new type of command, or update the current ones, so that, the bot will check before a role gets removed when "unreacting", and if there's another reaction emoji that's overriding the exact same role, then Zira will not continue to remove that role, until the user unreacts to every reaction emoji that will give it that exact role.

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Hello Fuzzy, please use the template listed in the following post otherwise your thread not be approved, thanks!


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