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TopCord Version 3 

Hey everyone! We would like to thank you for your utmost patience in supporting TopCord. We have gone through major changes in this new version and we hope that we get to give all of you better service and reliability. 

What's new?!?!?? 

  • New Framework! Running on Next.JS. 
  • Redesigned UI. 
  • New Cards. 
  • Support for open graph meta tags! 
  • Editor.js support for long descriptions. 
  • New API Framework! Running on Fastify. 
  • Expanded webhook support. 
  • New documentation UI. Running on Gatsby Rocket Docs! 
  • Web-based verification. 
  • Bot re-submission. 
  • Voting using TopCoins! 
  • User pages! 

Notice for devs! 

Since we have changed the system running the long description. We've translated the HTML version of your long descriptions. If something is off, please edit it as the accuracy of the conversion is not that accurate. Thank you!

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Can't wait to see it!

EDIT: I saw it, it's pretty cool!

"I want to be a human being, not a human doing." -John Paul Larkin

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