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How To Sync Your Team Hydra Discord Roles To The Forums

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Hello and Welcome!

Thanks for dropping by, here's a quick and easy way to get your Discord account fully linked to your forum profile!

You might have noticed that when you signed in, it grabbed your username, and profile photo from Discord but that's all. 

You can actually get them synced up pretty easily, but it requires a little bit more work.

Run the command /forum, this will check if an account on the forum matches your Discord account.spacer.png

If the account is correct (it definitely should be), run the command /forum link. This will generate a code that will be sent to your forum account.spacer.png

Head over to your inbox on the forums, you will have a new conversation containing your code from Team Hydra System#5313spacer.png

Return to Discord and run the command /forum verify <code>

If anything goes wrong, or if you would like to sync your roles to the forum manually, you can use the /forum sync command.
This can only be used once per hour to prevent abuse.


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Founder & Lead Developer @ Team Hydra

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