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Today we bring to you some of the minor bug fixes and QOL (Quality of Life) changes we have made to TopCord recently! If you have any questions, please join the Team Hydra Server and user the topcord-support channel. Here are the current changes:

  • Fixed bot cards going too big
  • Fixed report to log into the right logging channel
  • Fixed deny bot logging to the right logging channel
  • Changed voting to be per-bot basis instead of site-wide
  • Changed approve bot settings to automatically give users roles
  • Changed invite settings to include applications.commands scope for slash command bots
  • Fixed Negative TopCoins
  • Detailed Analytics fixes
  • Invite URL Changes for certain bots

We would like to make a note on a few of the points.

  • Those of you with a negative TopCord balance now have 10 topcoins. Spend them wisely.
  • To have your bot include the applications.commands scope, simply add the Slash tag onto  your bot.
  • Those bots who are older than old itself is, you get a special Invite URL Change. If you bot has this issue, contact us in topcord-support.

We love hearing from you guys on what you want to see in TopCord so be sure to head on over to the TopCord Suggestion Forum and use the TopCord Suggestion Template to let us know your thoughts!

Thank you and Stay Safe,


Lead @ TopCord | Moderator @ Team Hydra

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Moderator @ Team Hydra


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