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Official Coding / Programming Support Channel Rules

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Hi there, if you've been sent here or clicked a link in this channel, then great! Here's the very simple rules you need to follow, or you may lose access to use this channel!

In coding support there are different rules that will need to be followed. Remember to follow the main rules of support and the main rules of our server, but also keep in mind these new rules for this channel specifically. This channel is a support channel for those who are looking to get into the programming scene on Discord, this is where members will help other members and give each other tips and tricks on different languages, libraries, or anything else programming related. Please keep in mind not everyone will have the same knowledge, so be patient when looking for support. We provide this as a tool for the community but we do not guarantee our staff or developers will contribute, it's up to their free time, do not ping anyone, you will be removed from this channel with no warning. Now we have that out of the way, lets get into the rules:

1) Do not ask for support in creating a bot that are similar to the ones we supply, like Zira (Any reaction role or suggestion bot), HepBoat (moderation bot), FeedBot (RSS Feed / Update Bot), or Hydra Modmail (Modmail / Ticket Bots). You'll be told to look else where.

2) Not everyone will have knowledge on the language or library you are using, so be patient someone will help you when someone with the knowledge can.

3) Do not ask questions that are irrelevant to this channel, on top of this keep the questions serious. You may be refused support if its seeming like you are not taking this seriously.

4) BE SPECIFIC! No one can help you if you don't explain in more detail, send screenshots, explain what you want the code to do, explain the screenshots. BE SPECIFIC. Note: Send screenshots in different messages so you don't get caught with a bunch of attachments or links in your message from our moderation bot. If you are muted for this, you will not be unmuted.

5) Be respectful to everyone, even if it's not support staff helping you respect the people that are helping you or helping anyone else for that matter. Do not ping people if they don't get back to you right away, unless they explicitly tell you it's okay.

6) Most importantly!! DO NOT ask for help related to our bots. Not just how our bots are made, but for command help or setup help. This is EXCLUSIVELY for programming, not setup.


Thanks to @Bridge#0001 for help creating these rules!

Founder & Lead Developer @ Team Hydra

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